CHAPBOOK CONTEST SERIES | For Essay Press’s 2015 Chapbook Contest, we asked 12 recent Essay authors each to select and introduce a manuscript extending and/or challenging the formal possibilities of prose.



NEXT SERIES | Authors in the Next series have received finalist recognition for book-length manuscripts that we think deserve swift publication. We offer excerpts from those manuscripts here.



GROUNDLOOP SERIES | In Essay Press’s Groundloop series, curated by Aimee Harrison, Maria Anderson, and Travis Sharp, we seek to bring together authors exploring diverse subjects through loud, innovative architectures.



EP SERIES | In the Essay Press EP series, we give extended space and time to some of our favorite authors currently developing new book-length projects.



STEREO SERIES | Essay Press’s Stereo Series seeks to encourage collaborative, polyphonic approaches to contemporary prose.




PEER REVIEW SERIES | For Essay Press’s Peer Review series, we ask some of our favorite thinkers to recommend prose pieces that update, challenge, and/or expand our definition of the scholarly.



LISTENING TOUR | We have commissioned some of our favorite conveners of public discussions to curate conversation-based chapbooks. Overhearing such dialogues among poets, prose writers, critics and artists, we hope to re-envision how Essay can emulate and expand upon recent developments in trans-disciplinary small press cultures.



SINGLES | Essay Press’s library of stand-alone chapbooks, which we may build on in the future.
NOTE | Essay Press is committed to publishing works of quality and integrity. We are proud to share these books with our readers; however, the stories, experiences and words are the authors’ alone. If you notice any material that conflicts with your own copyright claims, please let us know and we will promptly remove it.

Essay Press is pleased to announce the two winners of the 2016 Essay Press Open Book Contest judged by Carla Harryman: Litany for the Long Moment by Mary-Kim Arnold and Of Sphere by Karla Kelsey, which will be published in Fall 2017.