EP13circleThe Form Our Curiosity Takes:
A Pedagogy of Conversation
curated by J’Lyn Chapman
with Jenny Boully, Renee Gladman and Cole Swenson
and an afterword by Danielle Dutton

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In EP 13, J’Lyn Chapman’s Naropa classroom interviews Jenny Boully, Renee Gladman and Cole Swenson.
“Numbers are important quantitative representations of what Spahr and Young call ‘feminist interventions,’ but I want to emphasize that what occurred in our class was not so much the representation of women’s innovative writing as it was the performance of it. Like any meaningful, reciprocal conversation, this interchange with some of the most exciting thoughts of this moment both supports and, more importantly, engenders innovation—it innervates it. That is to say that when we talk about innovative writing, we’re not only talking about experiments with language, although experimentation is certainly part of innovation; we’re also and more urgently talking about formal innovation as ‘the cultivation of a philosophy of experience’…”

Jenny Boully is the author of five books, most recently of the mismatched teacups, of the singleserving spoon: a book of failures. Her other books include not merely because of the unknown that was stalking toward them, The Book of Beginnings and Endings, [one love affair]* and The Body: An Essay. She has a PhD in English from CUNY’s Graduate Center, and lives and works in Chicago. She is at work on many writing projects, including a book of regrets.
J’Lyn Chapman‘s chapbook Bear Stories was published by Calamari Press. Her chapbook Our Last Days is forthcoming from Erudite Fangs. An essay derived from her doctoral dissertation on W. G. Sebald was recently published in Picturing the Language of Images. She is Core Candidate Assistant Professor in the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University, and edits the online poetics journal Something on Paper.
Danielle Dutton is the author of Attempts at a Life, S P R A W L and Here Comes Kitty: A Comic Opera, a collaboration with the artist Richard Kraft due out from Siglio Press in January 2015. She is an assistant professor at Washington University in St. Louis, and the founder and editor of Dorothy, a publishing project.
Renee Gladman is the author of seven works of prose and one collection of poetry. A new novel, Morelia, and a collection of essay-fictions, Calamities, are forthcoming in 2015. Since 2005, she has operated Leon Works, an independent press for experimental prose and other thought-projects based in the sentence, making occasional forays into poetry. A 2014–15 fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard, she lives in Providence with the poet-ceramicist Danielle Vogel.
Cole Swensen is the author of 14 volumes of poetry and a collection of critical essays. Her work has twice been a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Award and once for the National Book Award, and she has won the Iowa Poetry Prize, the San Francisco State Poetry Center Book Award and the National Poetry Series. A 2006 Guggenheim Fellow, she has also been supported by grants from Creative Capital and the Shifting Foundation. She has taught at the University of Denver and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and currently teaches at Brown.




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