EP27circle Deciduous Letters to Invisible Beloveds
Laynie Browne

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EP 27 contains Laynie Browne’s deciduous “letters,” written between essay, poem, and confession, address the ephemeral unknown “I,” “eye” and an eternal yet vanishing “you.”
An excerpt from EP 27:
“I will write every day to an unknown beloved, unnamed, or divine journal which is really who / what I wish to absorb all of my news. How disappointing though, when the imaginary does not write back! Otherwise there would be no need for actual persons to exist.”

Laynie Browne is the author of 11 collections of poetry and two novels. Her most recent collection of poems, Scorpyn Odes, is just out from Kore Press. Other recent books include Lost Parkour Ps(alms) in two editions, one in English, and another in French, from Presses universitaires de Rouen et du Havré (2014). She is a 2014 Pew Fellow. Forthcoming books include P R A C T I C E (SplitLevel Texts). She teaches at the University of Pennsylvania and Swarthmore College.


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