The Abundance Chamber Works Alone
Anna Gurton-Wachter

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The Abundance Chamber Works Alone is about containment and play in the hacked halls of knowledge. In each of the book’s three sections spaces are created, dug up, buried, torn apart, and planted anew. A succession of tiny allegories in which learning and pleasure occur at what may be moments of interruption and breakage or accumulation, construction, and remembrance. Learning happens in a study group, but also through the inability to study. It occurs through witnessing art events but also through the illicit conversations that pulse across the peripheries of audience. It happens through complacency within a corporate arena and from the feelings of being repeatedly vacated from that arena, through the work of understanding what continues to be defended even when it no longer makes any sense to speak at all. In each of these acts, we push further into the soil, until we come out the other side.
“I created a space for reenactment, interpenetration of slippage and home. In the first scene, I want Maya Deren to multiply. To exist in multiple is to be sincerely possessed. I want her aesthetic to triumph and surpass all of the poets and non-poets alike. Maya Deren lifts a crane. She becomes a construction worker concept. She says, ‘Why does nobody build anything anymore?’—’Why is my account of freedom all that is left in the world?’”
ANNA GURTON-WACHTER is a writer, editor, and archivist. Her chapbooks include Blank Blank Blues (2016, Horse Less Press) and CYRUS (2014, Portable Press @ Yo Yo Labs). Other writing has appeared in Elderly; 6×6; No, Dear; The Organism for Poetic Research; The Brooklyn Rail; and elsewhere. She was a contributor to the Essay Press digital collection of post-election writings Radio 11.18.16. Anna edits and makes books with DoubleCross Press and lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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