Ideal Suggestions: Essays in Divinatory Poetics

We are pleased to announce that Selah Saterstrom’s Ideal Suggestions: Essays in Divinatory Poetics is the winner of Essay Press’s first Open Book Contest, selected by Kristin Prevallet.

Selah Saterstrom is the author of the novels SlabThe Meat and Spirit Plan and The Pink Institution. With the poet HR Hegnauer, she curates Madame Harriette Presents, an occasional performance series. She teaches and lectures across the United States, and is the director of Creative Writing at the University of Denver.

How does one participate (read and write) from within the membranous precinct between our multiple bodies, from within the larger rhizomic field of resonances, where much is sounding and also unsounded?  By employing various “divinatory generators” (instructions, methods, trances), the essays in Ideal Suggestions: Essays in Divinatory Poetics genuflect to practices that celebrate engagement with uncertainty, cultivating strategies through which one might collaborate with rupture and rapture.

“A prefix of universal reversal, fixed in front, strangled to fasten, to tamper, as a dose of narcotic, complicated by arriving, all attempts to wrestle out the rules, slipped slit, in the brain, cut for the loop, the brain’s sweating, red bloom. Thus we are the word. The fingerprint that foretells the contradiction by illuminating the wound.         REQUITE         see also

Essay Press is pleased to announce the two winners of the 2016 Essay Press Open Book Contest judged by Carla Harryman: Litany for the Long Moment by Mary-Kim Arnold and Of Sphere by Karla Kelsey, which will be published in Fall 2017.