Conversations with Conceptual-Affiliated Writers
curated by Caleb Beckwith
with J. Gordon Faylor, Danny Snelson and Divya Victor
and an afterword by Joseph Mosconi

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If poetry’s many communities have agreed on anything this year, it’s that so-called conceptual writing is a genre of stakes. Rather than claiming these stakes for the writers included in this volume, Reconfiliating hopes to show that the term “conceptual writing”—as it gets used online and in critical essays—fails to capture even a small portion of the actual work currently produced.


“I like to think of Big C Conceptual Poetry as the black-eyed pig baby we must lull to sleep, not to protect or mythologize, but to move beyond, to disperse among a family of ghosts.  Such ghosts may bear a family resemblance to the formerly living, but they are more diverse, more varied in their affects, and more willing to scare a sense of urgency into you. This is the undertaking of reconfiliation.”
CALEB BECKWITH is a writer and editor living in Oakland. He is a senior editor at The Conversant, and, in 2014, co-edited the Conceptual Writing feature in Evening Will Come. Recent work can be found at Gauss PDF and Jacket2.
J. GORDON FAYLOR is the author of Disgruntled 1234567890 (Basic Editions, 2015), Marginal Twin Contribution (TROLL THREAD, 2012), and Docking, Rust Archon, among other publications. He is the managing editor of Open Space and edits Gauss PDF.
JOSEPH MOSCONI is a writer and taxonomist based in Los Angeles. He co-directs the Poetic Research Bureau and co-edits the art & lit mag Area Sneaks. He is the author of Fright Catalog, Demon Miso/Fashion in Child and Galvanized Iron on the Citizens’ Band. His chapbooks include 33° Houdini (PRB Publications, 2008), But On Geometric (Insert Blanc Press, 2010), WORD SEARCH (OMG! Press, 2010) and QUESTIONNAIRE (forthcoming).
DANNY SNELSON is a writer, editor and archivist currently residing in Chicago. He is the publisher of Edit Publications and founding editor of the Reissues project at Jacket2. Recent books include EXE TXT, Radios, Epic Lyric Poem and, with James Hoff, Inventory Arousal. With Mashinka Firunts and Avi Alpert, he works as one-third of the academic performance group Research Service. He currently works as the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities in the English Department and the Alice Kaplan Institute of the Humanities at Northwestern University.
DIVYA VICTOR is the author of Natural Subjects (winner of the Bob Kaufman Award), UNSUB, Things To Do With Your Mouth, Swift Taxidermies 1919- 1922, Goodbye John! On John Baldessari, PUNCH and the Partial trilogy. Her chapbooks include Hellocasts by Charles Reznikoff by Divya Victor by Vanessa Place (Ood Press, 2011) and SUTURES (Little Red Leaves, 2009). She has been a Mark Diamond Research Fellow at the U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum, a Riverrun Fellow at the Mandeville Poetry Collections at the University of California, San Diego and a Writer in Residence at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE). She lives in the United States and Singapore, where she is assistant professor of poetry and writing at Nanyang Technological University.



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